Artist: Kompilation
Album: Stora Compilation
Format: CD
Label: nneon
Cat-no.: nneon004-2
Price: EUR 12,00
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We are sitting here, finally listening to the FINISHED version of our new compilation and one thought keeps spinning: How horny can music be?
It's truly amazing. It has become a homogenic work although there are so many of those socalled styles represented here, which onceagain proves that electronic music is not a genre and never has been any .

Stora is not genre-music. It is an artist association and a publishing company . Wankers please don't get us wrong: This is not a future outlook on what electronic music could be in ten years, it is just a commercial item. A sampler full of advertisement music. Music for advertisement and advertisement for music.
Nothing more, nothing less.

We've come a long way from the last compilation which is dating back to 1999, a lot has changed and we are especially superglad about the new cats who joined the strawberryforces:

First and foremost Jason Forrest, the ex-Donna Summer, longtime soulmate and prime minister of cock rock disco. Miss Hawaii, a japanese male from Hokkaido island actually located in Hamburg. And appearing twice: Teobi, the new singer of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and one half of Kasion & Teobi, a funky duo consisting of him and Moonbuggy's Karsten Genz. Another Hamburgedelic allnostar funkateer called Plemo! Puyo Puyo, a squeeky robot from Nantes, France. Candie Hank aka Patric Catani, who always has been one of our true favourites...
Augsburger Tafelconfect, the first casted band in experimental music. Yvan&Lendl, which is not just a great name, this guy rocks indeed but he only speaks french. Wojt3k Kucharczyk aka TheComplainer who represents the fantastic Mik.Musik gang of Poland. The first intellectual Booty Bassgroup A*Class . The 8-bit boygroup and hard rocking scientists Bodenständig 2000 and last but not least Lektrogirl, platinum p**y from London, Tasmania who, after all those years she's been in the game, finally has her debut record out soon on Nneon.

But we are also glad about the ones who stayed with us all the way through ruff times of music business:
Felix Kubin, who opens the CD with a fantastic audio-shortfilm about Tokyo's Inakoshida Park.
Miki Mikron, who used to be called Mikron64 back then but upgraded his music a few bits.
The russian equipe of Messer Chups and Oleg Kostrow.

And with us since the dark age of Stora: The world's deafest entertainer Nova Huta, going pop and selling out continously, Helgoland, who like to reinvent themselves every two years and Gunter Adler, the girl-swinging electroubadour.

OK: This is a compilation - it is supposed to give you an opportunity to find something new and follow up with what you liked.
But you know that, don't you? Just in case...